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sábado, 18 de febrero de 2017

Passive voice

Passive voice is pretty much used in English than in Spanish, since we have the pronoun "se" instead.

Newspapers headlines also tend to use it more frequently as we do. 

To work with passive voice, we need to understand syntax as the function of the different objects in the sentence is essential. 

It is also important to identify the agent of the verb, which is NOT the first thing you find on your way. It is very common, to identify a time expression such as "in the morning", written at the beginning of the sentence as a subject. Have in mind that subjects never begin by a preposition

Other things you should bear in mind when working with passive voice is:

. Pay attention to agreement between subject and predicate. Sometimes when you transfer active into passive, the number has changed.

. Have also a look on keeping the same tense. Changing of voice does not mean the action takes place in a different time.

. Avoid using non specific agents, for instance  by me, by someone, in general any agent that it is easy to be understood.

The following power point gives you a deep idea on passive voice uses.

Passive Voice.Ppt
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