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domingo, 22 de mayo de 2016

From Labour Day till 4th of July, an entire year of culture

These are some of the questions we have covered in class, this year pretty well accompanied by our American teacher assistant

1.    In what American festival do children say “Trick or treat”?
2.    When is Fathers’ Day in America?
3.    Bloomsday is a festival in which Irish commemorate the events on a famous book by James Joyce, which one?
4.    When is the American Independence celebrated?
5.    Who was the Pope who ordered to change the Julian Calendar?
a)    Benedict XVI
b)    Pius IX
c)    Gregory  XIII
6.    Name one April Fool’s Day trick.
7.    This year the Olympics Games took place in London, but where did the Olympic Games take place in
a)    2004
b)    2000
c)    1996
8.    Last year on Dec 14th we remembered a great Norwegian explorer who arrived at South Pole a hundred years ago. Name him.
9.    Name two important personalities that we remember in Black History Month.
10.  Describe Guy Fawkes.
11.  Auld Lang Syne and Address to a Haggis were written by
a)    Mark Twain
b)    William Shakespeare
c)    Robert Burns
12.  What is the name of the typical Christmas songs?
13.  Write about the Batle of Puebla.
14.  Who was the Spanish Queen who supported Columbus with money for his voyages?
15.  Papá Noel is called
a)    _____________ in the UK
b)    _____________ in the USA
16.  Charles Dickens is
a)    A Elizabethan writer
b)    A Victorian writer
c)    A Jacobean writer
17.  Name the 5 Rs for Earth Day.
18.  How do you say Easter in Spanish?
19.  Name the official languages in Canada.
20.  How do you say in American English
a)    Football
b)    Trousers
21.  What is the name of Gandhi’s philosophy?
22.  What does a famous groundhog in America predict?
23.  Why is the Declaration of Human Rights important to you?
24.  Name the capitals of the following countries:
a)    Australia
b)    New Zealand
c)    USA
25.  What is a haka?
26.  Is Labour Day observed on the same day in the USA and Spain?
27.  We talked about a Fossil Festival called
a)    Lyme Regis
b)    Pax Augusta
c)    Fossiland
28.  What do Mardi Gras colours mean?
a)    Green
b)    Purple
c)    Gold
29.  Name the American city where a Bus Boycott happened after Rosa Park was arrested.
30.  What is Remembrance Day?
31.  What is one of the names of the American flag?
32.  What is the official flower for Mothers’ Day?
a)    Rose
b)    Carnation
c)    Daffodil
33.  Name an artist who performed at Queen Elizabeth II’ Diamond Jubilee Concert
34.  Where does the Red Earth Day Festival take place?
a)    Indiana
b)    Dakota
c)    Oklahoma
35.  Name the patron saint of the following countries
a)    England
b)    Wales
c)    Scotland
d)    Ireland
36.  Who won the final of the Super Bowl?
37.  Who was the Roman Emperor who arrested Valentine?
a)    Gregory XIII
b)    Claudius II
c)    Julius Caesar
38.  What is the Celtic Name of May Day?
a)    Beltane
b)    Samhain
c)    Floralia
39.  Who was the first President of the USA?

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