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lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016

Possible Culture Test Questions

Dear students,

When revising for your exams, don't forget to insist on the important issues we focused in class; these could be some questions that may appear in your final exams.

1.       Where was St Nicholas from?
a)      Lapland (Finland)
b)      Turkey
c)       USA
2.       What is the celebration where people do tricks on each other as we do on “El Día de los Inocentes”?
3.       Another name for shamrock is
a)      Limerick
b)      Cork
c)       Clover
4.       Can you mention any of the famous people that Stood Up for Cancer?
5.       What does this flag represents?
a)      It’s the Aboriginal flag of Australia
b)      It’s the Maori flag of New Zealand?
c)       It represents the English that emigrated to America
6.       What is the earliest Human Rights Charter?

7.        Cinco de Mayo represents the Independence of Mexico (T/F)
8.       When is Black History Month?
a)      January
b)      February
c)       March
9.       What recipe did I prepare for the Advent Calendar?
10.   What god/dess used to be worship in Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games?
a)      Zeus
b)      Athena
c)       Dionysus
11.   Is Mother’s Day celebrated in America on the same week than in Spain?

12.   Name the book by Dickens which is more inspired by his own life?
a)      Oliver Twist
b)      David Copperfield
c)       Great Expectations
13.   Which of the following works wasn’t written by Shakespeare?
a)      The Tempest
b)      Midsummer Night’s Dream
c)       Pride and Prejudice

14.   What do Cervantes and Shakespeare have in common, apart from being two masters of their own language and literature?

15.   What store organizes New York’s Thanksgiving parade?
a)      The English Corte
b)      Macy’s
c)       Navy

16.   What is the capital of Australia?

17.   New Zealand’s National Day is
a)      Rakatangi Day
b)      Aboriginal Day
c)       Waitangi Day

18.   What jubilee is Elizabeth II celebrating?
a)      Diamond
b)      Silver
c)       Golden
19.   Walt Whitman’s poem O Captain, my Captain was inspired by
a)      Martin Luther King Jr
b)      Abraham Lincoln
c)       George Washington
20.   What warrior dance is part of the Maori culture?
21.   Can you name two sports that Australian love playing?
22.   What is the Super Bowl?
23.   How many articles are there in Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
a)      100
b)      50
c)       30
24.   Who was the special guest in the XLVI edition of the Super Bowl Halftime Show?
25.   Where did the Super Bowl take place this year?
a)      Indianapolis
b)      New York
c)       Boston
26.   From the following American celebration on which one do they watch football?
a)      Halloween
b)      4th July
c)       Thanksgiving
27.   Where did the Titanic depart from her maiden and only voyage?
a)      Belfast
b)      Southampton
c)       Bristol

28.   Which ex-First Lady became a co-founder of the United Nations?
a)      Hillary Clinton
b)      Martha Washington
c)       Eleanor Roosevelt
29.   This year we are celebrating 200th anniversary of the birth of a famous writer in English, which one?
30.   How do you say “Año bisiesto” in English?

31.   What is Black Friday?
32.   Who developed the idea of the Non-Violence Movement?

33.   What animal predicts the weather in the USA?
34.   In how many countries in the European Union is Greek an official language?
a)      1
b)      2
c)       3
35.   Mention some Mexican recipes.

36.   On his arrival at the South Pole, Amundsen beat an British explorer
a)      Thomas Cook
b)      Robert Scott
c)       Robert Pattinson

37.   Which of the following celebrations has not a Celtic origin?
a)      Halloween
b)      Thanksgiving
c)       May Day
38.   Name the most important member of the conspirators at the Gunpowder plot?

39.   Who is the father of the Civil Rights Movement?
40.   What do children ask for on Bonfire Night?
a)      Give me some money please
b)      A penny for the guy
c)       Trick or treat
41.   Where did Martin Luther King Jr give his famous speech?
42.   What two famous presidents of the USA’s birthdays are celebrated on Presidents’ Day?
43.   Mention three Irish symbols
44.   On Burns Night, Scottish people have a special dinner to honor their most popular poet
a)      Robert Burns
b)      William Burns
c)       Richard Burns
45.   Yule is another Celtic festival that we use nowadays to name
a)      Samhein
b)      Christmas
c)       Halloween
46.   What song would English speaking people sing with the arrival of the New Year?
a)      Adeste Fideles
b)      Auld Lang Syne
c)       We wish you a Merry Christmas
47.   In what state can you find an animal which predicts how early spring will arrive?
a)      Colorado
b)      Massachusetts
c)       Pennsylvania
48.   Can you name Columbus’s vessels?
49.   Name of the boat that took the Pilgrims from England to America for the first time
50.   A black woman who refuse to give up her seat on the bus in Montgomery…
51.   What cake did we prepare at home for Mardi Gras (some of you have even tried it!!)
52.   What are the colours of Mardi Gras?
53.   What is a piñata?
54.   Do you remember any of the hoaxes on April Fool’s Day? Please let me know

55.   Where are the cliffs of Moher?
a)      In the UK
b)      In Australia
c)       In Ireland
56.   Shrove Tuesday in the UK is also known as ..
a)      Lent Tuesday
b)      The day of Penitence
c)       Pancake Day
57.   What is the name of the campaign for Sydney Mardi Gras?
a)      Say Something
b)      Tell me Something
c)       Better the Devil You Know
58.   How is a Celtic priest called?
59.   What is a Jack O’Latern?

60.   A kiwi is a fruit and a
a)      An animal
b)      A plant
c)       A language
61.   Where is the Jurassic Coast?
a)      In the USA
b)      In Canada
c)       In the UK
62.   When is Labor Day?
63.   What do eggs symbolize in Easter?
64.   Who is the composer of the European anthem?
65.   What colour do the Greeks use to dye their eggs?
66.   What is the capital of New Zealand?
67.   Mention two typical games with the eggs at Easter?

68.   Easter Bunny is really
a)      a rabbit
b)      a hamster
c)       a hare
69.   What is Sport Relief?

70.   What American city dyes its river in green for St Patrick’s Day?
71.   Name three characteristics of the leprechauns?
72.   New Zealand in Maori language is
a)      Zealandia
b)      Aotearoa
c)       Waitangi
73.   When was the Armistice of the WWI signed (date and time requested)?
74.   Which of the following provinces of Ireland is not part of the Republic of Ireland?
a)      Connacht
b)      Munster
c)       Ulster
d)      Leinster
75.   Main reason why Irish people emigrated to America, Canada or Australia
a)      Because they could speak English there
b)      Great Potato famine
c)       Because they were fed up of the English.
76.   A nickname for Ireland is
77.   What did Manu Catman prepare for us on Halloween?

78.   Match the grid with E for England S for Scotland W for Wales and I for Ireland

St Patrick
1st March
St George
17th March
St David
23rd April
St Andrew
30th Nov

79.   Which country of the UK is not reflected in her flag?
80.   Name two dishes at a Thanksgiving dinner
81.   Name professions that can be done by a woman
82.   Who of the following has a Nobel Peace Prize?
a)      Rosa Parks
b)      Martin Luther King Jr
c)       Maya Angelou
83.   The May Queen is a replica of the goddess
a)      Pomona
b)      Flora
c)       Rhea
84.   Valentine’s Day tradition probably comes from the Roman festival of
a)      Hilaria
b)      Valentinaria
c)       Lupercalia
85.   Name some popular couples that we mentioned on Valentine’s Day, because of the love they share.
86.   Who was the First President of the USA?
a)      Thomas Jefferson
b)      George Washington
c)       Washington Irving
87.   Who was the first First Lady to run for president?
88.   When do you say “Poisson d’avril”?
89.   What is the name of the male Scottish skirt?
90.   When is Thanksgiving?
91.   Can you tell me the date of  Columbus Day?
92.   Nowadays calendar is the
a)      Julian calendar
b)      Gregorian calendar
93.   Name the place where the President of the USA lives?
94.   What is World Press Freedom Day?
95.   Another name for Remembrance Day is …
96.   What is the name of the award at the American Cinema Academy?
97.   Where does the Queen of the UK live?
98.   World AIDS Day is in
a)      December
b)      January
c)       February
99.   The European Day of Languages is in
a)       September
b)      October
c)       November
100.                       What soup is eaten on Burns Night
a)      Leek and potato soup
b)      Haggis soup
c)       Cock a Leekie Soup