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domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

Forever young

Human beings have always been searching for an elixir of youth. We have stopped doing this. Actually, creams, lotions and many other cosmetics are used to delay the appearance of wrikles or even to look nicer for a special event (or even on daily basis as some students do to come into class). Some of us want to be forever young! My mum has always help me doing this because she is a Lady Avon.

1.Listen to the song and complete the gaps with the following words.

Sun, power, worst, later, played, songs, imagine, really, like.

Forever young
Let's start in style, let's dance for a while
heaven can wait we're only watching the skies
hoping for the best, but expecting the _______
are you gonna drop the bomb or not?
Let us stay young or let us live forever
we don't have the _______, but we never say never
sitting in the sandpit, life is a short trip
the music's for the sadman
Can you _______ when this race is won
turn out all the faces into the sun
praising our leaders, we're getting in tune
the music's _______ by the madman
Forever young
i want to be forever young
do you _______ want to live forever?
forever, you'll never
forever young,
I want to be forever young
do you really want to live forever?
forever young.
Some are like water, some are _______ the heat
some are a melody and some are the beat
sooner or _______ they all will be gone
why don't they stay young?
It's so hard to get old without a cause
i don't want to perish like a fading horse
years like diamonds in the _______
and diamonds are forever
So many advantages given up today
so many _______ we forgot to play
so many dreams swinging out of the blue
oh let it come true

2. Order the sentences.
- want / you / to / forever / live / do / ? / really

- us / or / young / stay / live / let / forever / let / us

- given / many / today / up / advantages / so

3. Translate the words.
Sandpit – praising – drop – beat – trip

4. Discussion : 

  • Which is the topic of the song? 
  • What do you think about it?
Joan M. has chosen it probably because he wants to look always forever young.

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