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domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

You Can't Say No Forever

La Sierra de Tramuntana is a place which the people who live in Mallorca are proud of. It was  awarded World Heritage Status on 27th June 2011.

As we are dealing with present perfect, Tomás R. has prepared the following activities:

Complete the gaps
There are still some things I'd like to say to you
Some things you should see
but since were not that close no more
I'm gonna have to let it be

Although it's really _______,
and is bugging me a lot
I'm just gonna be quiet,
and maybe you will work it out - but I doubt it

You cant say no _______, no no no,
sometimes you should let it slide, ah ah ah aaaah,
I know I'm not so clever, no no no no,
but you're not the picky _______

Sometimes when I call you,
I just feel like ______ up
You’re not getting any older
and it never seems to stop

Now if I was you're boyfriend/girlfriend,
I would tell you all of this
But since we're not together
I’m not saying anything at all

You cant say no forever, no no no,
you have to let me in, ah ah ah aaaah,
You are really _______, no no no no,
but in the end I always win

Order the two sentences/clauses:

-you when I call sometimes,
-be just I’m quiet gonna.

Find 1 verb in the present perfect, 1 in the future and a form of the verb to be.

Can you spot the mistake on the song's title?

Did you know that lacrosse is also a kind of game. Can you find you more about it? Tell your mates in class and you will be awarded with extra positive points.
Remember: You Can't Say No Forever.

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