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domingo, 27 de enero de 2013


Apart of being known because of their continuous fights, something rather normal between brothers, the Gallaghers also do music. Wonderwall was a hit during my stay in Bristol as an Erasmus student.

Aina R. also loves the song so she told us to do the following activities:

Translate the first paragraph.

  • Fill the gaps with the words: maybe, lights, but, anybody, day, before, now, street, believe.
  • Find three nouns, two prepositions and three verbs.
  • Notice the pronunciation of the following words: realized, doubts, wonderwall, believe.


Today is going to be
the ____ that they're
going to throw it back you to

by now you
should´ve somehow
realized what we gotta do

I don´t ______ that
anybody feels the
way I do, about you ___

backbeat, the word is on the
______ that the tire in your heart is out

I’m sure you're heard it all ______
but you never really had a doubt

I don't believe that ______ feels the
way I do about you now

and all the roads we have to walk are winding

and all the _____ that lead us
there are blinding

there are many things that I would
like to say to you ___
I don't know how

I said ____ you’re gonna be
the one that saves me?

and after all you're my wonderwall

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