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miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012

Wide Awake

It's time to fly away to an enchanted world: fairies, magic butterflies, trees that speaks wait for us. But, beware, there are also minotaurs, creepy crawly creatures and a prince charming. To see all these and more you should be Wide Awake.
My proposal is why don't you write your own short story. You can hand it whenever you want during this year. Of course, you must start with "Once upon a time". 

Isa B. has worked on the song and this is what she proposes:

Wide Awake

(Timing 1:29)
1.-Fill the blanks with the words in brackets:


I'm wide awake (x 3) 

 Yeah, I _____ in the dark 
 I was _____ hard 
 With an open heart I'm wide awake 
 How did I read the _____ so wrong
 I'm wide _____ And now it's clear to me 
 That everything you see A
in't always what it seems 
 I'm wide awake Yeah, I was _____ for so long

I wish I knew then; _______________ What I know now:_______________

Wouldn't dive in:_________________ Wouldn't bow down:_____________
Gravity hurts:___________________  You made it so sweet:___________
Till I woke up on the concrete:_____________

3.-Sing along(surprise gift):

Falling from cloud 
Crashing from the high 
I'm letting go tonight 
(Yeah I'm) Falling from cloud

4.-Put in order the next setences:

I'm wide awake 
And landed on my feet 
Picked up every piece
I'm wide awake 
Not losing any sleep 
Need nothing to complete myself - nooohooo

Remember to be wide awake and be participative in class!

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