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domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012

International Day against Gender Violence [Trifles?]

Today is International Day against Gender Violence. First of all, I would like to recommend you a short story, Trifles by Susan Glaspell, where there is  reference to gender violence. We don't read about bartering because it was probably too much to say at the beginning of the 20th century. By clicking on the title you have access to the full  text. The main topics you will find on the text are:

  • social class differences
  • the importance of giving relevance to women's opinions
  • isolation in Northamerican rural areas
  • the topic and law and justice
The feminine characters are: Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Hale and Minnie Wright, who used to be "Minnie Fosters, one of the town girls singing in the choir".
Trifles is a one-act play where the main conflict is the class on the way of looking at things and details between men and women. 
What is the general mood/tone of the play?
It is mainly sad because of the topic of death. Nevertheless, Glaspell used a real murder to express the importance of women's opinions and active participation in society. This is why the mood changes into positive when the two women, distant because of their social status, end up linked by the empathy shown towards Minnie as a woman. 
You will find the images of the rocking chair, the preserves, the apron, the quilt, (have in mind the quilting has always been related to American women's way of narrating their lives), the birdcage and the death bird.

In relation to quilting, Philomela, having being raped  by her brother-in-law, Thereus, and having his tongue cut by him, quils and embroiders what happened to her, so Progne, her sister, finds out. You can read the whole myth in Metamorphosis VI.

Do some men still think that Helène Cixous's Binary thought should still be applied.


Other texts in the layout of songs in Spanish are the following:
  • Un extraño en mi bañera by Ana Belén
  • Malo by Bebe
  • Amor Cobarde by Marta Sánchez.
Thanks to a friend of mine I have taken part in the following campaign: Una foto contra el matón (a pic against the bully). Speak up and join us 

Tasks for secondary students:

Task 1: Listen and reflect on this song:

Task 2: Thanks to my 2.0 friend, Ana, from Close your books, we are going to read the following storybook by Rosalind P. Penfold published in Dragonslippers. 

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