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sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2012

Don't Wake Me Up

Since I gave my students the possibility of choosing this year tunes, I cannot complain when one of them does not please me at all. First of all because I want them to get into the language, and when a song keeps repeating a sentence the whole 3-minute song, like in Don't Wake Me Up, there is no much to learn. Plus, it seems that with the arrival of the dark season with Halloween, they do not want to wake up in the morning, which means that they will be asleep in my class at 8.00 o'clock.
From the video I have just to tell you: Don't drive if you feel asleep and don't play games when driving, as it is something pretty serious. 

Iván M., who is a fan of this kind of music suggests doing the following activities:

1. Search for the missing words :

If this will exist in my dreams
Don't Me Up

2. Replace or correct the following terms :

 [Chris Brown]
Too many light in this window,
Doesn't Wake Me Up,
Only coffee and sugar inside my cap,
If I wake and you are here give me a kiss,
I was in this dream about to lapse

Don't Wake Me Up,Up,Up,Up,Up, (x 13)

3. Translate the next text :

[Chris Brown]
So much light in the city you wont believe,
Been awake some days now no time to sleep,
If your heart ever fell out this love is the bed,
Tell me what is the music inside my head,

4. Put the missing words in the gaps:

I don't wanna fall fall fall fall ___ no,
I don't wanna fall ___ I'm ___ for you, (x 2)

Hope you have enjoyed more than I did Don't Wake Me Up by Chris Brown.

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