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jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2012

Count On Me

Today's song is about friendship. We all have seen some posters with clown images and maxims by Rabindranath Tagore about friendship and when we can count on a friend. Bruno Mars's Count On Me is about friends in need. 
Daniel M. wants to share his choice with the following tasks:

1. Complete the sentences with the words or contractions you hear.

-_ you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea
-I’ll sail the world to find _
-If you _ find yourself lost in the dark and you can’t see
-I’_ be the light to guide you
-Find out what we’_ made of
-When we are __ to help our friends in need.

[Minute 0:04-0:36]

2. Listen the chorus and write in your notebook if  your friends have ever helped you in a troublesome situation.
[Minute 0:37-0:59]

3. Identify the tenses of the following verbs of each sentence.

-I’ll be there.

-I can count on you.

-Because that’s what friends are supposed to do.

-You’ll always have my shoulder when you cry.

The following glossary can help you with the understanding of the song:

-Stuck: Atascado, a la deriva.
-Sail: Navegar.
-Guide: Guiar.
-Tossin’: Sacudir
-Turnin’: Voltear, girar.
-Fall asleep: conciliar el sueño.
-Beside: Sinónimo de next to, (al lado).
-‘Cause=Because: Porque.
-Tenses: Tiempo verbal.
-Chorus: Estribillo

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