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viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

Breast Cancer Day

Today we are helping to raise awareness of the importance of preventing Breast Cancer. Unfortunately, some of us have had someone in our family or someone we really love that have gone through cancer. 

In my mere opinion, supporting them is not just showing a condescending attitude, but treating them as normal. If they feel like crying, just let them do it; however, if they want to keep on with their daily lives, help them to do it. 

The following video helps you to recognize a potential breast cancer. Just a quick examination on yourself will help you to prevent it. 

A good way of helping them not thinking all day long about their problem is taking them to the theatre. Our beloved Azucena Alonso, actress and friend, sublime monologuist, to whom I have had the pleasure on seeing her twice on stage, once with the magical play Tres Deseos (Three Wishes) and a funny monologue on pieces of advice for women. 
On this occasion, she is going to perform her play Japuta pero imbécil (Wicked but stupid). So go to Leganés and buy your ticket. You will enjoy a fabulous performance, get a pink ribbon, a support a good cause, the fight against Breast Cancer. All the fundings go to AECC, the Spanish Association for the fight against Cancer. From Mallorca, all our support to those women suffering from breast cancer and our best wishes to Love & Chocolate Company.

Teaching English by Fran |Cancer Day
Teaching English by Fran | Childhood Cancer Day

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  1. OOOOMG!!!!!
    Querría escribir esto en imglés pero... las emociones solo me salen en un torpe castellano

    Ayer fue un día dedicado a todas las mujeres que luchas contra el cáncer de mama y de familiares y amigos q apoyan día a día.
    Es lo menos que en un día tan especial podía hacer
    Gracias a Dios, mucha gente bonita y buena se unió al gesto
    Ayer todos fuimos lazos rosas