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lunes, 29 de octubre de 2012

Stand By Me

Once more we are learning English using songs. This time Stand By Me by Oasis. These Mancunian brothers had a big hit that was very popular when I was an Erasmus in Bristol: Wonderwall
The song is about prejudice and teaches you that we can't judge a book by its cover. It is much time to look carefully than having a quick judgement. We all have experienced that.

Victoria S. has suggested two exercises with Stand By Me: a fill in the gaps and a translation one. You can translate into your own language the chorus and spot the conditional sentence too.


Made a meal and threw it up on          , I’ve - 
got a lot of things to learn, 
said I would and ill be leaving one day, 
              my heart starts to burn. 

so what’s the matter with you? 
sing me               new... 
don’t you know 
the cold and wind and rain don’t know, 
they only seem to come and go away. (chorus)

times are hard when things have got no            , 
I’ve found a key upon the floor, 
maybe you and I will not believe in 
the things we find               the door. 


stand by me, 
               knows the way it’s gonna be, 
               by me, 
nobody knows the way it’s gonna be,  (x 4)
stand by me,  (chorus 2)

if you’re              will you take me with you, 
I’m tired of talking on my phone, 
there is one thing I could never give you, 
my heart             never be your home, 

chorus 1 + 2

maybe i can see, yeah, 
but don’t you know the cold and wind and rain don’t know 
they only seem to come and go, away. 

chorus 2

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