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domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

The Empire Dances Back [Notting Hill Carnival]

The end of August has a taste of bank holiday for the British. On this weekend, Notting Hill a popular suburn in London celebrates its annual Carnival. The Empire dances back on it and the streets are full of music and colour: masquerade is served with feathers and drums as garnish.

Notting Hill Festival first took place in 1964. It has been a celebration of Afro-Caribbean culture since then. In colonial times lots of people were taken from African countries to work in the plantations in the Caribbean colonies. That was called the Middle Passage. Then, those people wanted to have a better future and went to "Mother England!" to receive an education and a to have the opportunity of graduating at the university. Most of these people now have recovered their identities and have spoken back. This is called the third passage.
I wonder what would have been their the first passage in the mind of a British. Probably before they were taken to the "first" world in infrahuman conditions.
Thanks to Northamerican president, Abraham Lincoln, everybody can dance freely on Notting Hill Carnival.

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