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sábado, 7 de julio de 2012

The Sun Also Rises [St. Fermin]

I wasn't really thinking about writing anything about the Fiesta of St. Fermin, but Manu, the Chef Cat and my friend Lúu told me that they were sure I could say something about St. Fermin. Some of the most popular idioms with the word bull are: 
To be like a bull in a china shop "andar como un elefante en una cacharrería", is when someone often drop or break things because they move awkwardly, or behaves in a way that offends people.
To be like a bull at a gate, is when you do something very quickly.
To take the bull by the horns, "coger el toro por los cuernos" to do something difficult in a determined and confident way.
Today is St. Fermin, which is known internationally thanks to the reference of the American writer Ernest Hemingway in his novel The Sun Also Rises. He came for the first time to Pamplona on July 6th 1923, the day of the chupinazo, a piece of fireworks that marks the beginning of the celebration which will be ended by the singing of Pobre de mi on the 14th July. Remarkable is the procession of the saint on July 7th. 
One of the most important events during the Fiesta is the running of the bulls: 

I won't express my point of view as the topic of bulls in Spain as I let people do free; I won't attend any of these festivals, though.
From his thrid wife Martha Gellhorn, was a writer and a war reporter. They actually met while she was covering the Spanish Civil War. I have read Last Words on Vietnam (1987), a impressive relate of her visions of the war.

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