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domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

Canada Day

On a day like today in 1867, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada (nowadays Ontario and Quebec) were united into a single country. This union was a result of the Constitution Act which granted Canada a great deal of independence from England. Over the course of a century, Canada gradually shed its dependence on the United Kingdom. It did not become fully independent until 1982, the same year that Canada Day became an official holiday. It was formely known as Dominion Day

The Maple Leaf flag. Photo by FM

There would be celebrations, such as parades, concerts, carnivals, fireworks, etc. all around the country, mainly in the capital, Ottawa. In London (UK), some celebrations have already started and will last all day long in Trafalgar Square. 

Some facts you should remember:
Arriving at Toronto with CN in the background. 
  • Although the capital is Ottawa, the most populated city is Toronto
  • The highest building in America can be found in Toronto: CN Tower.
  • There are two official languages in Canada, English and French.
  • The first name of the country was New France.
  • The name Canada may come from the Iroquoian word kanata meaning "village".
  • Canada is the second biggest country on earth.
  • The British monarch is Canada's head of state. Canada became British in the 18th century.
  • There are about thirty-four million of Canadians. 80% of them live no further than two hours driving from the USA.
  • Canada is formed by thirteen provinces and territories. I am going to name them by areas with their capitals on the right. 

  • The Northern provinces are 
   Yukon Territory, Whitehorse
   Northwest Territories, Yellowknife
   Nunavut, Iqualuit (we will be writing   
   about Nunavut later on this year).

   The Atlantic Regions 
   Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John's
   New Brunswick, Fredericton
   Nova Scotia, Halifax
   Prince Edward Island (PEI), Charlottetown

   Central Canada
   Québec, Québec City
   Ontario, Toronto

   The Prairie Provinces
   Alberta, Edmonton
   Saskatchewan, Regina
   Manitoba, Winnipeg
   British Columbia, Victoria

Those pictures are while sailing and swimming in Lake Huron. Enjoy Canada Day and have a fabulous summer!

Nuestros queridos amigos de La Ribera Veterinaris están celebrando su 3er aniversario y Manu el Gato Chef ha querido celebrarlo con esta maravillosa tarta, verde y morada, como sus colores. Visita su blog para saber como hacerla!

Photo by Manu Catman

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