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viernes, 8 de junio de 2012

UEFA Euro 2012

Football or soccer, name it as you want it; no matter what your decision is, soccer unties frenzy. Use examples with football if you are a teacher and your success will be granted.

  • If (name favourite team) won the league, I will go crazy!
  • Unless you finish your homework, you won't play football during the break. (Conditional sentences)
  • We are playing football at 7.00 (Present continuous for future arrangements)
  • What team will win the league? (what as a subject and will for predictions)
  • El Niño Torres scored a goal at UEFA Eurocup 2008.---- A goal was scored by el Niño Torres at UEFA Eurocup 2008. (Passive voice transformation)
And so on... the result will be neverending. 
Once more, why are at TE talking about UEFA Euro 2012? Well, although I am Spanish and my heart is with "La Roja" (aren't they dressing in blue for this competition?) (check out for Group C), my soul is Greek (Group A); on the other hand, two English speaking teams are taking part in the competition: Ireland in the Group C and England in Group D. I could have the chance of taking the Dis-united Kingdom, at least in terms of soccer.

If you statistics, here are the lastest winners of the competition and of course the current champions are SPAIN!!

2008 Spain
2004 Greece
2000 France
1996 Germany
1992 Denmark
1988 Netherlands
1984 France
1980 Germany
1976 Czechoslovakia (they want make it anymore)
1972 Germany
1968 Italy
1964 Spain
1960 USSR
This is the official song of UEFA 2012

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