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sábado, 2 de junio de 2012

Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee

Dear students, being close to the end of this academic year in which we have been going through so many emotions, you should know by far who Elizabeth II is. 60 years ago, her father George VI died while she was in Kenya on February 2nd . We have also celebrated her real birthday on April 21st, although the official one will be late on on June 16th.
From February on, Diamond Jubilee's events have been taking places in different parts of the UK; for instance, on March 20th, she paid a visit to the Parliament at Westminster. On Saturday  May 19th, the Armed Forces paid a tribute to HM in Windsor Castle. Here is the address to the Parliament, where the Queen  thanked the nation, looked back on her reign, re-pledged her allegiance and praised her loyal family... and before her time was up, she even squeezed in a few jokes.

To check the full list of events taking place during this long weekend, just click The Diamond Jubilee web page, where you can revise her life as a queen, get information about past jubilees and even taking some interactive games.
To finish our class, we are going to check how much we know about the queen (including the teacher!!) on the following quiz

Lots of artist sang on Monday evening by Buckinham Palace, among them:

For more videos on the whole celebration, visit The Telegraph

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  1. Fran, the quiz is great, a bit difficult though!! I only got a 7!!

  2. Si es q siempre me pierdo en tus post!!!! I LOVE U!!!
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    Ahí va el post