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lunes, 4 de junio de 2012

Past Perfect

Past perfect is a tense which is mainly used to express and action or state which happens before another past tense, in this case expressed in past simple; i.e. if you have two consecutive actions that could be or not connected and you want to mark a sequence of events, just use past simple. However, if you want to connect both past actions and want to show that one happened before the other with a consecuence on the second one, the first one should be written in past perfect.
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Remember you must use the past of HAVE ( HAD) + the Past Participle (-ED form or the third form of the verb, it it is an irregular one)
An example,

When I entered the class, my students...
  • had already done their homework.
  • had handed in their assignments.
  • had already opened all the windows.
  • had brought out their stuff.

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