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jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

Second Conditional

We have already learnt how to use First Conditional, also called Real Conditional; I teach it to my students using percentages (C2) and as running a hurdle race, where the height of the hurdles increases with the lack of possibilitiy of the conditional to happen. Clear enough?? Never mind, if not, the typical example of 
 If I study, I will pass my English test. 
always works. 
Right now, we are learning Second Conditional and the pattern is as follow.


We insist that commutative property also works for conditionals, having in mind that there could be some changes in referencing. 

Some games that I do with my students to revise second conditionals are 

  • What would you do if you won a lot of money? Check my pp about money, clicking here. In general, what would you do if....
  • If you were the Prime Minister... what would you do? We all love to change the world into a better place, don't we?
  • We play IF YOU WERE, for instance, an animal, an object, a precious stone, a feeling, a famous person... let your imagination fly. You can even play If I were a boy by Beyoncé.
  • You can make them do a couple of sentences using a big font and them separate each clause, shuffle them and read them ramdonly mixed with someone else's clause. If they are imaginative, the results could be hilarious.
  • Play Madonna's song Superpop.

Some exercises that you can practise could be found on the following links:

  1. Web2.uvcs.uvic.ca
  2. English Grammar Secrets
  3. Perfect English Grammar
  4. English Grammar Lessons
  5. Better English
You may want to end with a mashed-up of songs.

3 comentarios:

  1. Good ideas to use when practising the second conditional!! My 4th ESO students are excited because we are going to do an election with their "If I were president" compositions; that is, they are going to explain to the class their proposals and, then, we are going to choose a president through a secret vote. They are willing to do it!!

  2. No te imaginas lo bien que me viene tu blog, no solo lo sigo, además voy siguiendo los pasos, respaso... muchísimas gracias!!!
    Un bs fuerte

  3. thankx 4 ur wisdom n knowledgement...