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lunes, 7 de mayo de 2012

Mother's Day

photo by F.Muñoz
While in Spain, Mother's Day is on the 1st Sunday in May, in the USA is on the 2nd one, also in May; whereas Mothering Sunday in the UK is on the 4th Sunday during Lent. Mothers always encourage us to do our best, this is why I have chosen the following video since Olympic Games will be held in London in 2012.


We are going to start writing a poem to our mothers using their own letters acrostic. For instance, in my case would be

Here is the history of the origin of the holiday. After  viewing it, you should answer the following questions

  1. What goddess did the Roman worship as the Mother?
  2. Explain the origin of Mothering Day.
  3. Who was Anna Jarvis?
  4. What was her mother's favourite flower?
  5. Did she have children?

Love your mum, think of her and wish she were with you and remember

At 4 years old "Mum knows everything"
At 8 years: "Mom knows a lot"
At 12 years " it seems that Mom does not know much"

Red for the living mothers and white for those who passed away
At 14,"Mom does not know anything."
At 16, "Mom does not know".

The ballot will evolve when independence is gained, is flown from the nest and now it seems we need the help of the mother who bore us:
At 25, "Just Mom knows this,"
At 35 "before deciding, just ask Mom, "will not be that ...". 
At age 45, "What Mama think of this?".
And 75 years: "How I wish I could ask you this ... Mom."

We will be doing the following alphabetical order activities for mum's day
With each carnation leaves, we will use an adjective to describe our mums.

To end up we are going to match the baby animals with their mothers.

These are some of my students works:

Cute, beautiful, there are a lot of 
Adjectives to describe
These beautiful person, but
Always, I
Like to say to you
I love YOU, please
Abandone me! by Teresa C.B.

My mum is the best for me,
A person that loves me,
Really, I love her too.
Great mum for a son,
A mum that loves you. by Andreu P.

I love you
Always I think of you. by Alex L.

Sorry I don't know to express myself
Using your memory
Stop mum, don't talk
Are you a rose?
No, you are much more
And you are beautiful.  by Haize S.B.

A message for you,
Never forget this poem.
Always love you.

Mornings and nights
Always remember you.
Remember this poem
It's a present for you.
Always love you. By Anabel G.

Too much courage you've got, you're an
Excellent mother, you
Rock a lot.
Explain to the world how you're
Such a good person
And wonderful mother. By Tolo G.

Ooh Yeah! mum
Never say never mum.
I love you mum
Always will I be yours! By Antonio R.M.

From my heart, I promise you, the 
End of our problems.
Rich or poor you are my mother and I will not 
    change you for 
Nothing in the world.
Always I loved you, and always I will
Never forget you
Doing anything for you
And you are always on my mind. By Aldana G.R.

Always attentive for me
Never let you go
Always will share my objectives with you.
 By Ainhoa Bernabé

Patient and adorable mum
I would like to say to you
Love me forever
As I love you
Remember it!

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