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jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

International Day against Homophobia


Obama gave an interview published on May 9, 2012, in which he said he had made a personal choice to support same sex marriage because he believes that people should enjoy equal rights irrespective of their sexual orientation. He said that he came to his decision after a period of personal reflection on the issue, but that he believes it is up to states to introduce same sex marriage legislation. Read the full story at ttp://www.hrw.org/node/107062

The State Department will also support their employees around the world by hosting panels and discussions in embassies and government facilities.

Atlanta’s Alternative Perspectives is organizing three days of activities to mark this year’s IDAHO. The theme of the celebrations is "Sexual Diversity in the Workplace - It Pays Off!"

Toronto is celebrating this year’s IDAHO with a YOUnique Ties event on May 11. Themed "We’re all different; We’re all connected", the event is aimed at raising awareness about the effects of bullying and discrimination by celebrating people’s unique sexual, cultural and social differences. Guests are asked to show their creative flair with a neck tie, bow tie, hair tie or scarf. Prizes will be awarded for the best ties.

To end up this entry, although it is not fortunately the last action around the world, I present the debate on Prayers for Bobby, that COLEGA-JAEN is organising

In the following link, you can read the full Declaration of Montreal 

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  1. Fran, hi again, after having visited the tomato bread of Manu which was an obligated visit because I love bread in all types and savours, I noticed that you have published this entry. A brave decision!. I agree with all the text. People, specially, young people, must be informed about this type of changes. This morning I've been listening to the radio, they were talking about this and saying than in the states there are 30 states that don't accept this marriage. Regards from Valencia