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jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

Eurovision Song Contest

I remember 1996, when the Eurovision Song Contest had lost its halo. I was an Erasmus student then in Bristol, and Spain was represented by a flamenco singer which wasn't understood in the rest of Europe; the extended Europe as I prefer to call it as this year in getting as far as Azerbaijan! 
I personally love the Armenian music (their neighbours on the left, just in case you are lost in your geography), as they collaborate frequently with Greek musicians and the result is touching, moving. An example could be Haig Yazdjian with Eleutheria Arvanitaki.

You would be wondering by far what are the connections between teaching English and the Eurovision Song Contest. Well, I have been using the voting  to revise European countries, as they are read in both English and French. It's a good practise for your first cycle of ESO. 
On the other hand if you are teaching adults, they could always be from another nationatity (I give them flags ramdonly) and talk about typical things they know about it, or the quickest things that appear in their minds so we get to talk about culture differences.

The second connection would be that we can understand right now all the countries as English has become the lingua franca in the festival. It is less personalised in my opinion, but that the way it is. Nevertheless, Spain is still participating in Spanish (the present year with Pastora Soler and Quédate Conmigo (Stay with Me). The further we have gone is taking Rosa to one of the Baltic Republics to sing Europe is Living a Celebration .

And the last one: it has always been a classic among my friend to gather for an European Contest Dinner, where you should cook something from a country. If you know me a little bit, you will already know that I don't take fish 'n chips, as the aspects of the chips will be disgusting when arriving at the meeting; however, they never miss my moussaká.

To finish this entry I will let you know the British and the Irish partipants. Don't feel embarrassed by any of them. The first one is a classic in the British music and the twins will have participated twice with this occasion.

Some history of the Festival could be found on their web page, where you will find out they have been doing it for 54 years up to this entry.

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  1. Joooooo Q entrada tan interesantemente Vintage!!!
    Yo hace muuuuchos años q no veo Eurovision, este año no será una excepción...
    love, my gentleman