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jueves, 8 de marzo de 2012

International Women's Day

Today my entry is for my beloved mum, my sisters, Ana & Ana, Mª Angeles, Noelia, Julie, Susana, Patri, Tai, Lúu, Inma, Asun, Lola, Mª Carmen, Gema, Magüi, Azucena, Deborah, Isabelle, Sophia, Jocelyn, Merely, Linda, Lorena, Maite, Ángeles, Eva, Conchi, Mª José, Maribel, Encarni, Marisa, Marga, Montse, Mª Cruz, Yolanda, Carmen, Pau, Francis, Esther, Cristina, Manoli, Violeta, Sheila, Pilar, Nani, Virginia, Karen, Teresa, Sara, Rosy, Caty, Malena, my friends 2.0...(if you feel you should be here, just add a comment)
But why women's day...The idea of an International Women's Day first arose at the turn of the century, which in the industrialized world was a period of expansion and turbulence, booming population growth and radical ideologies.

On 8 March 1857, women working in clothing and textile factories (called 'garment workers') in New York City, in the United States, staged a protest. They were fighting against inhumane working conditions and low wages. The police attacked the protestors and dispersed them. Two years later, again in March, these women formed their first labour union to try and protect themselves and gain some basic rights in the workplace.

On 8 March 1908, 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding shorter work hours, better pay, voting rights and an end to child labour. They adopted the slogan "Bread and Roses", with bread symbolizing economic security and roses a better quality of life.

 The Day was established to honour the movement for women's rights, including the right to vote (known as 'suffrage'). At that time no fixed date was selected for the observance.

On 25 March, 1911, the tragic Triangle Fire in New York City took place. Over 140 workers, mostly young Italian and Jewish immigrant girls working at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company, lost their lives because of the lack of safety measures. The Women's Trade Union League and the International Ladies' Garment Workers Union led many of the protests against this avoidable tragedy, including the silent funeral march which brought together a crowd of over 100,000 people. The Triangle Fire had a significant impact on labour legislation and the horrible working conditions leading up to the disaster, were invoked during subsequent observances of International Women's Day. (for full text click on United Nations)


  • Now you can write a biography of a woman in your family, who has been a hard worker.
  • Find some examples of sexism in society.
  • Name some jobs that are still represented by men.

Besides working hard at home, women are sometimes mistreated. Listen to Lisa Stansfield's song and 

  • find the missing words which rhyme 
  • find a few examples of present simple
  • Substitute  the word as in the line  She smiles at him as he walks through the door
  • Spot two phrasal verbs 
  • Find relative word has been omitted in the line The love they used to share when they were strong

He's home again from another day
She smiles at him as he walks through the door
She wonders if it will be okay
It's hard for her when he doesn't __________
He says babe you look a mess
You look dowdy in that _______
It's just not like it used to be
Then she says...

I may not be a lady
But I'm All Woman
From Monday to Sunday I work harder than you know
I'm no classy lady
But I'm All Woman
And this woman needs a little love to make her strong
You're not the only one

She stands there and lets the tears flow
Tears that she's been holding back so long
She wonders where did all the loving __________
The love they used to share when they were strong

She says yes I look a mess
But I don't love you any ______
I thought you always thought enough of me
To always be impressed + Ch

He holds her and hangs his head in shame
He doesn't see her like he used to do
He's too wrapped up in working for his pay
He hasn't seen the pain he's put her through

Attention that he paid
Just vanished in the haze
He remembers how it used to be
When he used to say

You'll always be a lady
Cause You're All Woman
From Monday to Sunday I love you much more than you know
You're a classy lady
Cause You're All Woman
This woman needs a loving man to keep her warm

You're the only one
You're a classy lady
Cause You're All Woman

So sweet the love that used to be (x2)

We can be sweet again

After the song, we could read a poem by Maya Angelou.

Woman Work
Maya Angelou
I've got the children to tend
The clothes to mend
The floor to mop
The food to shop
Then the chicken to fry
The baby to dry
I got company to feed
The garden to weed
I've got shirts to press
The tots to dress
The can to be cut
I gotta clean up this hut
Then see about the sick
And the cotton to pick.

Shine on me, sunshine
Rain on me, rain
Fall softly, dewdrops
And cool my brow again.

Storm, blow me from here
With your fiercest wind
Let me float across the sky
'Til I can rest again.

Fall gently, snowflakes
Cover me with white
Cold icy kisses and
Let me rest tonight.

Sun, rain, curving sky
Mountain, oceans, leaf and stone
Star shine, moon glow
You're all that I can call my own.

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  1. Eres el mejor¡¡
    Ainsss si te hubiera tenido de profe seguro que hablaba inglés¡¡ tus alumnos tienen mucha suerte, y nosotras por ser tus amigas. Me encantan todos los videos que nos pones, un besazo + un fuerte abrazo, Teresa

  2. Preciosa entrada, Fran. Como mujer, porque creo que todas o la mayoría somos trabajadoras (dentro y/o fuera de casa), te doy las GRACIAS. Un beso

  3. Mi asignatura pendiente el inglés !!
    Y me encantaría.
    Cualquier día te llamo para que seas mi profe.

    Besos mi chico :-*

  4. Que lujo de post hoy, que gran leccion y que gran trabajo se ha realizado durante tantos años por las mujeres luchadoras.
    Muchas gracias por recordar este dia con nosotras, gran profe, besos!!!

  5. Pedazo de entrada!

    Soy rara muuuuy rara, no me gusta que haya un día de nada, y menos de la Mujer Trabajadora, como no lo hau del hombe trabajador
    Me gusta que cada día sea el día de las personas
    Peeeero tb sé de la importancia de este día gracias a la lucha constante de muchas mujeres, y hombres, a lo largo de la historia para que yo, una simple persona en el ecosistema mundial, me pueda permitir el lujo de pensar mi rareza :-) ;-)

    Así que, GRACIAS
    Besos grandes