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domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

Greek Independence Day and Greek Easter

No need to tell how important is Greek Culture in my life... Thanks Sophia for sharing your work with me. It was really a pleasure having worked with you. 

Greek Salad on a Stick
Greek Salad (χωριάτικη σαλάτα), i.e. the salad of the village is the most common salad eaten in Greece. 

What are its ingredients?

Of course, feta cheese. Feta is a brine curded cheese. Greek people serve a bit piece on the top of the salad, so it could be torn and crumbled afterwards.
Cucumber must be sliced in a way that some parts of the skin are left.
Tomato, as the rest of the ingredients, Greek people love it in big pieces. 
Shallot, red onion, which should be put for a while in salty water to sweeten the flavour.
Dress them all with salt, pepper and oregano.

To prepare it, just dice the ingredients as it is shown in the picture, pierce them with a stick, dress the salad, without forgetting the oregano and enjoy it.
Have you realized what the missing ingredient is? of course, a Kalamata olive. It's an almond-shaped deep-`purple olive with a rich and fruity flavour from its wine vinegar marinate. 

Easter is coming so have a Happy Easter and a great Greek Independence Day!

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  1. Venga una banderilla griega!!! Haciendo la competencia al gatito, eh...??? Bss

  2. Que idea tant genial Frank! Con lo que me gusta a mi el picoteo!!!!!
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