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domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012

And the Oscar goes to

Today is the night of cinema...well, it is not, it's the night of Hollywood superproductions. Good cinema normally lives in Europe; this is my mere opinion, though. Nevertheless I am always keen on following a good American series. My favourite one ever has been Desperate Housewives, with my adorable actressess Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman. Before getting in the history of the Academy, have a look at Marina's cupcakes and her blog Blau Kitchen.
You may use this entry to revise how to make a film review.

  1. State some technical details of the film.
  2. Summarize the plot without revealing it.
  3. Analize all the remarkable aspects of the film.
  4. Give your personal opinion. Just in the part, you can use the pronoun I.

Photo by Marina Blau Kitchen

The Cinema Academy was founded in 1927 by 36 of the most influential men and women in the motion picture industry at the time, the Academy is an honorary membership organization whose ranks now include more than 6,000 artists and professionals.

It is dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of motion pictures, the Academy's corporate management and general policies are overseen by a Board of Governors, which includes representatives from each of the craft branches. If you feel like reading the full history of the Oscars, just click to the official webpage.

M. Herrick
Some facts
  • Why the statuette is called Oscar? The most popular story is that Margaret Herrick , librarian and director of the Academy, after looking at the statuettes exclaimed:“ It looks just like my Uncle Oscar”.
  • The Oscar, the famous statuette has a height of  34 cm, a weight of 3.85 kg. The design shows a Sir holding a Crusader’s sword, standing on film reel with five spokes. The five spokes each represent the original branches of the Academy, directors, producers, technicians, writers and actors. It is made of gold plated metal alloy. 
  • The first Awards 1929 The Oscars, were presented at a private dinner in Los Angeles in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, with less than 250 people attending. 

This is my own ballot, what is yours?

Directing /
Actor In a Leading Role /
Actress In a Leading Role /
Actor In a Supporting Role /
Actress In a Supporting Role /
Music (Original Score) /
Makeup /
Costume Design /
Writing (Original Screenplay) /
Art Direction /
Cinematography /
Film Editing /
Documentary Short /
Foreign Language Film /
Animated Feature Film /
Writing (Adapted Screenplay) /
Short Film (Animated) /
Sound Editing /
Sound Mixing /
Visual Effects /
Documentary Feature /
Music (Original Song) /
Short Film (Live Action) /

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