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miércoles, 11 de enero de 2012

First Conditional

After the hangover of Christmas holidays, and not having made so much money in El Gordo lottery, we keep on regretting and saying "If I ...", let us revise the use of first conditional sentences.
1. ELC Study Zone
So, if you have done them all, you have realised that the basic use of first conditional if you are attending an ESO course, is combining present tenses with future ones. The concept is rather extensive, but you are limiting right now to the use of


Here you are a video by perfect English where you can do some practice

Some other links 

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5. English Grammar Secrets

Unless is another linking word that you may see when dealing with conditionals. It is basically an "If not". Watch the following video to clarify your ideas about the first conditional:

Teaching English by Fran | Second Conditional 
Teaching English by Fran | Presidents' Day 

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