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jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Present Perfect

Actions that show their result in the present, experiences of a lifetime, unfinished actions, all these aspects define the present perfect, a tense that starts causing problems to my students when it comes to remember the past participles.
Here you are some links to revise its uses and the differences with the past simple and the present perfect continuous:

1. Aufa Fácil: on this link you can listen to a lesson.
2. Ego4U: on this link, you can start comparing present perfect simple with past simple and present perfect continuous.
3. Saber Inglés: you can see a comprenhensive list of irregular verbs.
4. The Yellow Pencil
5. Englisch hilfen
6. Present perfect simple by Nancy Delgado
7. ESL lounge: past simple versus present 
8. Adele's ESL Corner
9. IES Boliches
10. English Grammar Lessons/English Grammar Lessons-.
11. English Grammar Secrets
12. English4U
13. English Bee
14. Auto English: present perfect simple versus present perfect continuous.
15. Using English
16. A4ESL
17. Learn for good
18. ESL About
19. English Tenses with Cartoons
20. English Club

Can you write down at least four of the six situations on the Present Perfect cartoons?

If after all these grammar links, you still have problems, you may want to watch the following video:

Now enjoy the music of U2 I Still Haven't Found  What I Am Looking For and pay attention to the use of present perfect and the position of the adverd still.

Teaching English by Fran | Future 
Teaching English by Fran | Past Perfect

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