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sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011

Bonfire Night

On 5th November, British people light bonfires to commemorate the Gunpowder plot. Do you want to know more about this tradition? Let's see what happened on a night like this in 1605. Nowadays, it's called Bonfire Night.

Task 1: Some questions on the power point:

1. Who was king James I's mother?
2. What was his religion?
3. True or false: 
   James VI of Scotland = James I of England.
4. What is the meaning in Spanish of the                     
   following words: "plot" "oath" and "puppet".
5. Can you explain the expression "a penny for the guy".

Guy Fawkes

It is said that Fawkes was a tall, powerfully built man, with thick reddish-brown hair, flowing moustache, and a bushy reddish-brown beard

Task 2: If you are a student of 1ESO or 2ESO, write a short description of your best friend in the class. I will try to find out who s/he is.

Task 3: If you want to have some fun while learning history, go to the BBC webpage and play the game visiting the old cellars of the Houses of Parliament. If you are a good searcher, you may avoid the explosion (4ESO activity)

You can also put these words in the correct order  in the BBC's game (3ESO activity)

Taks 4: these two videos will also help you if you are a 1st cycle student 

or if, on the other hand, you want to find more about the conspirators as a second cycle student

T.S Eliot even wrote a poem to honor them 

Have a nice Bonfire Night and get lots of pennies for the guy!

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5 comentarios:

  1. By Olga:
    I haven't got a really best friend in the class, but i've got good friends. The girl who i'm gonna talk about is tall, thin and she's a funny girl. She has got long curly brown hair and big brown eyes. What more I can tell about her? She's always laughing all the time and she's very brave with all the teachers.

  2. My best is the best becose she is a good person, always I tell him my things and he understands me.She has the hair of brown color also it is smooth, has the small eyes.She has the white skin of color.She is clever enough. MY BEST FRIEND IS ALBA VIOQUE NGUYEN

    Camila Tabares Parra :-)

  3. Marta Durán Gómez

    She isn't spanish.
    She has got a round pale face.
    She has got long brown hair and green eyes.
    Se is shorter than me.
    She is very nice.
    she likes a lot of things but she doesn't like studying.
    She hates English.
    She likes drawing things on her body.

  4. Hello, I will describe a friend in my class. She is short and younger than me. She has got brown eyes and eyebrows. She has got long brown hair. Her name is very nice and I like it.
    Who is she?

    By Aldana.

  5. Uysss
    Opsssss y yo soy la única q comenta en español...
    Esto demuestra q necesito MUCHAS CLASES DE INGLÉS!!!
    Hablaremos de la posibilidad de q me eches una mano