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domingo, 16 de octubre de 2011

World Bread Day

Today is World Bread Day and the blog Cocinando con Manu Catman has been so kind to allow us to share the Cat's recipe.

Let's see if you feel brave enough to bake it and taste it. I have done it and I can tell you that it is delicious.

Mallorcan Brown Bread (for one loaf of bread 1 kg approx9.

Ready in: 2h and 30 min
Difficulty: moderately easy

Tools: food processor (Thermomix or home bakery to knead - the cat prefers Thermomix)

What do you need?

- 270 gr bread flour
- 270 gr "xeixa" flour or whole wheat flour
note: "xeixa" flour is a variety of a middle soft wheat grown in the Balerics even if you have not access to it whole wheat flour is fine.
- 10 gr salt (this kind of bread is known because it is unsalted, in fact when we eat it we add some salt on it)
- 25 gr fresh yeast
- 320 gr warm water

How to make it...

1.- Add salt in thermomix bowl and then all the rest of ingredients (yeast at the end). Mix all together a few seconds speed 6.
2.- Let's knead 4 minutes at the kneading setting and let the dough leaven inside TMX bowl covered for 1 h.
3.- Now, we should remove the air of dough so please program 1 minute at the kneading setting.
4.- Scrape out the dough of the bowl onto a heavily floured surface and dust the top with more flour and let it leaven with the fold up 1 h more till double volume.
5.- Pre heat the oven 220ºC and then bake your bread for 25 min... please before baking, spray the dough and the oven walls with water.

Don't forget to bake your loaf of bread on World Bread Day!

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