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martes, 25 de octubre de 2011

Present simple

It seems very easy but my students still tend to forget the third person mark of the present simple or its uses.
Some of my students still start a letter by using it while they should have used present continuous instead, not to mention the omission of the auxiliary verb do
Here you have some links where you can revise present simple use.
1. The yellow pencil (paradigm & memory game Spanish-English)
3. Isabel Pérez 
4. Auto English (FitB)
5. Averroes (drag)
6. English Maven (MC)
7. ESL lounge (FitB + or -)
8. Ego4U (paradigm)
9. To learn English (FitB)
10. Montse Morales
11. English exercises (MC)
12. Perfect English grammar (Negative)
13. English room (Negative)
14. English learner
15. University of Victoria
16. MCR
17. English grammar secrets
18. English area
19. Using English
20. a4esl

Here you are a song of daily activities

Do you understand the differences between Present Simple and Present Continuous? Don't hesitate in asking me about it by leaving a comment.

Teaching English by Fran | Past Simple versus Past Continuous
Teaching English by Fran | Present Simple versus Present Continuous

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