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miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2011

Present simple versus present continuous

The following links will help you to revise the differences between present tenses:

1. Masión del inglés (fill in the blanks)(Learn the uses of although and though)
2. ELC Study Zone. (choose the right answer)(there are stative verbs)
3. Ego4u. (fill in the blanks with score)
4. Aula Fácil.(FitB)
5. Clafoti (FitB)
6. Eclectic English (choose the right ans)
7. Learn English (choose the correct answer)
8. University of Victoria (CthrA)
9. Auto English (FitB)
10. Basic English (Multiple Choice) +
11. a4esl (Check the answer)
12. Efl net (MC)
13. Using English (MC) +
14. Englisch hilfen (MC)

If you are a first cycle student you may want to revise the use of present continuous on this video:

If you are a second cycle student, you may prefer this video. It takes a little bit until the grammar explanation starts, however, it's a nice chance to walk virtually in London.

On this one you will also see how to express feelings with these tenses:

Teaching English by Fran | Present Simple
Teaching English by Fran | Present Perfect

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