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jueves, 13 de octubre de 2011

Past simple versus past perfect

On the following webpages you can study the differences between past simple and past perfect. To start with, have a look at the slide presentation on past tenses.

1. Ego4U (FitB and exercise about the Pilgrims)
2. English Page (FitB text)
3. Aula Fácil (FitB)
4. Englisch hilfen (FitB)
5. Grammar Aquarium (FitB)
6. Using English (advanced with inversion)
7. Ece English (MC)
8. English Exercises (Add a new sentence and past tenses revision)
9. Speak speak (FitB)
10. English Zone (revise clearly first and then)
11. English Tenses with cartoons (rewrite the sentence)

Any more doubts on differences between Past Simple and Past Perfect, let me a comment!

Teaching English by Fran |Past simple versus past continuous
Teaching English by Fran |Past Perfect

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  1. enlace 8:
    1)1- The train had just gone.
    2- The train had stopped.
    3- I had forgotten my ticket.
    4-They had stolen it a week before.
    5-I hadn’t seen her for ages.

    2)Happen, decide, wait, realize, forget, be, hurry, ring, work, hear, find, drive, meet, have, say, run, be, get, sit, see, start.