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miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

Past simple versus past continuous

Let's revise the use of past simple using the following webpages, where you will find a quiz and a text to be completed with the right form of the verb in simple past, plus a memory game.

In the following thext change the verbs in brackets in the right past simple form. Past continuous answers are already provided.

 James Ellis ____ (go) on a business trip last week. He ____ (be) (visit) some customers in Frankfurt. He ____ (leave) home early on Monday morning and ____ (take) a taxi to the airport. He ____(get) there at about 8 o'clock. He ____ (check in) and 
____ (go) to the airport lounge. He ____ (buy) a newspaper and ____ (go) to get a coffee. 

He was (be) drinking (drink) his coffee when he 
____ (see) an old friend, Bob. He ____ (be) very surprised that Bob ____ (be) in London and ____ (find out) that he was (be) starting (start) a new job in the city. As they were (be) speaking (speak) they____ (hear) an announcement. "Would all passengers for the 9.30 flight to Frankfurt please go to boarding gate 10". James ____ (say) goodbye to Bob and as they were (be) leaving (leave) Bob ____ (give) him his business card and ____ (ask) him to phone when he ____ (return) from Frankfurt.

After boarding  James
____(put) his briefcase in the overhead locker and ____ (sit) down. During the flight, James ____(do) some paper work and ____ (speak) to the woman sitting next to him, while they were (be) speaking (speak) the flight attendant ____ (bring) breakfast. When the plane ____(land) in London, it was almost 11 o'clock.
James ____(take) a train to his hotel. Then he ____ (walk) to the customer's office. He ____(get) there at 1.00 pm and ____ (go) to the reception desk. The receptionist ____ (ask) him to wait. Whilst he was (be) waiting (wait) she ____ (offer) him a drink. He and his customer ____ (talk) all afternoon. When Bob ____ (get) to his hotel at 7 o'clock that night, he ____(phone) his wife and then ____ (go) to the hotel restaurant. 

On the following pages you can revise the differences between the past tenses we are studying. However, to start with, you can have a look to this slide presentation to revise some basic concepts

1 .English Grammar Lessons
2. Past simple and past continuous, by lovinglondon (a completed lesson plan)
3. Ejércicio de inglés (Lesson plan with John Lennon's song Jealous Guy)
4. Aula Fácil (FitB)
5. Om personal (Make sentences)
6. Curso inglés for past simple and Curso inglés for past continuous.
7. Dave's ESL café (MC)
8. Ego4u (FitB)
9. Ro (Put the verbs in the correct form)
10. A4esl (Click and solve)
11. English Page (FitB)
12. 5minuteEnglish (C&S with grammar revision)
13. English Club (MC)
14. English Learner (Put the verbs in the correct form)
15. Learn English James Ellis's business trip.
16. Englisch hilfen (MC)
17. Clafoti (paradigm and image)

Listen what these people were doing, when the blackout ocurred.

And compare the following actions/states in the past.

Don't forget to study temporal linking words while, when and as when studying the differences between Past Simple and Past Continuous.

Teaching English by Fran |Past Perfect
Teaching English by Fran |Present Perfect

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