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domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011


Next week is probably the most spine-chilling night. It is Halloween!! So, get your disguise ready, and be prepared to learn about one of the most spread American festival. 

Task 1: Have a look at my presentation
Task 2: Cooking together: We are going to get our hands pretty clean and ready and let's cook Halloween food from www.cocinanconcatman.com, Oreo's spiders, Witches' brooms and Bats

Task 3:  Have a look at this video and answer the following questions:

1. What's the name of the old Celtic festival which gave origin to Halloween?
2. How is it called a Celtic priest?
3. Can you name the Pope who tried to christianise the festival?
4. After the Puritans didn't care much about Halloween, who took the tradition back and when?
5. True or false. Souling is the origin of Trick or Treat.
6. Can you name at least two Halloween recipes in www.cocinandoconcatman.com?
7. What is your favourite Halloween's costume? Are you going to disguise for Halloween? 

Task 3: For primary and 1st ESO. Make an origami bat.
Task 4: Play nought and crosses with pumpkins and candy corn
Task 5: Revise the body's vocabulary and create a funny monster. To do that, your students should draw different parts of the body, cut them off, and then, blindfolded, hang them on the cork. 
Task 6: as a second activity of movement we are going to dance the Frankenstein's bogey.

Have a scary Halloween and eat lots of corn candies!

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  1. Hello Fran.I'm Haize the nivel 3.I like the video of HALLOWEEN.