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miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

Lead the Way

Lead the way by Carlos Jean

Listen to the song and try to fill in the maximum of gaps. There are not  words provided.
Can you find any rhyme as well?

I can smell the sound of love.
I never had any doubt,
I knew that I __________ end up wrong and this is __________I got.
An empty crowd crying out loud,
__________for the wrong that __________I’ve done.
Looking kinda dumb, people staring at my crown:
I have no magic __________but I own all that I touch.
I might not be your girl, but I’m everything you wanna be.
I’m daddy’s little girl with some __________on my__________.
And I’m calling your__________, I don’t know my own.
And I try to __________ who I used to__________.
All I want is to go, is to go__________.
Wanna come?
Just lead the way, I’ll follow you everywhere.
I don’t need a reason to be your friend,
I just love the way that you make me spin, out of control, I’m outta control.
Just __________the way, I’ll follow you__________.
I don’t need a __________to be your__________,
I just love the way that you make me spin, out of control, I’m outta control.
Going __________
And going down
I can sense the__________,
I can smell the sound of love.
Plan B, I´ve got my Plan B
Don’t Know if you have it but I want to make you see
I´ve my Plan B
This is my Plan B
Don’t Know if you have it but I want to__________ you __________

Have you enjoyed Lead the Way?

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martes, 25 de octubre de 2011

Present simple

It seems very easy but my students still tend to forget the third person mark of the present simple or its uses.
Some of my students still start a letter by using it while they should have used present continuous instead, not to mention the omission of the auxiliary verb do
Here you have some links where you can revise present simple use.
1. The yellow pencil (paradigm & memory game Spanish-English)
3. Isabel Pérez 
4. Auto English (FitB)
5. Averroes (drag)
6. English Maven (MC)
7. ESL lounge (FitB + or -)
8. Ego4U (paradigm)
9. To learn English (FitB)
10. Montse Morales
11. English exercises (MC)
12. Perfect English grammar (Negative)
13. English room (Negative)
14. English learner
15. University of Victoria
16. MCR
17. English grammar secrets
18. English area
19. Using English
20. a4esl

Here you are a song of daily activities

Do you understand the differences between Present Simple and Present Continuous? Don't hesitate in asking me about it by leaving a comment.

Teaching English by Fran | Past Simple versus Past Continuous
Teaching English by Fran | Present Simple versus Present Continuous

domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011


Next week is probably the most spine-chilling night. It is Halloween!! So, get your disguise ready, and be prepared to learn about one of the most spread American festival. 

Task 1: Have a look at my presentation
Task 2: Cooking together: We are going to get our hands pretty clean and ready and let's cook Halloween food from www.cocinanconcatman.com, Oreo's spiders, Witches' brooms and Bats

Task 3:  Have a look at this video and answer the following questions:

1. What's the name of the old Celtic festival which gave origin to Halloween?
2. How is it called a Celtic priest?
3. Can you name the Pope who tried to christianise the festival?
4. After the Puritans didn't care much about Halloween, who took the tradition back and when?
5. True or false. Souling is the origin of Trick or Treat.
6. Can you name at least two Halloween recipes in www.cocinandoconcatman.com?
7. What is your favourite Halloween's costume? Are you going to disguise for Halloween? 

Task 3: For primary and 1st ESO. Make an origami bat.
Task 4: Play nought and crosses with pumpkins and candy corn
Task 5: Revise the body's vocabulary and create a funny monster. To do that, your students should draw different parts of the body, cut them off, and then, blindfolded, hang them on the cork. 
Task 6: as a second activity of movement we are going to dance the Frankenstein's bogey.

Have a scary Halloween and eat lots of corn candies!

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domingo, 16 de octubre de 2011

World Bread Day

Today is World Bread Day and the blog Cocinando con Manu Catman has been so kind to allow us to share the Cat's recipe.

Let's see if you feel brave enough to bake it and taste it. I have done it and I can tell you that it is delicious.

Mallorcan Brown Bread (for one loaf of bread 1 kg approx9.

Ready in: 2h and 30 min
Difficulty: moderately easy

Tools: food processor (Thermomix or home bakery to knead - the cat prefers Thermomix)

What do you need?

- 270 gr bread flour
- 270 gr "xeixa" flour or whole wheat flour
note: "xeixa" flour is a variety of a middle soft wheat grown in the Balerics even if you have not access to it whole wheat flour is fine.
- 10 gr salt (this kind of bread is known because it is unsalted, in fact when we eat it we add some salt on it)
- 25 gr fresh yeast
- 320 gr warm water

How to make it...

1.- Add salt in thermomix bowl and then all the rest of ingredients (yeast at the end). Mix all together a few seconds speed 6.
2.- Let's knead 4 minutes at the kneading setting and let the dough leaven inside TMX bowl covered for 1 h.
3.- Now, we should remove the air of dough so please program 1 minute at the kneading setting.
4.- Scrape out the dough of the bowl onto a heavily floured surface and dust the top with more flour and let it leaven with the fold up 1 h more till double volume.
5.- Pre heat the oven 220ºC and then bake your bread for 25 min... please before baking, spray the dough and the oven walls with water.

Don't forget to bake your loaf of bread on World Bread Day!

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jueves, 13 de octubre de 2011

Past simple versus past perfect

On the following webpages you can study the differences between past simple and past perfect. To start with, have a look at the slide presentation on past tenses.

1. Ego4U (FitB and exercise about the Pilgrims)
2. English Page (FitB text)
3. Aula Fácil (FitB)
4. Englisch hilfen (FitB)
5. Grammar Aquarium (FitB)
6. Using English (advanced with inversion)
7. Ece English (MC)
8. English Exercises (Add a new sentence and past tenses revision)
9. Speak speak (FitB)
10. English Zone (revise clearly first and then)
11. English Tenses with cartoons (rewrite the sentence)

Any more doubts on differences between Past Simple and Past Perfect, let me a comment!

Teaching English by Fran |Past simple versus past continuous
Teaching English by Fran |Past Perfect

miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

Past simple versus past continuous

Let's revise the use of past simple using the following webpages, where you will find a quiz and a text to be completed with the right form of the verb in simple past, plus a memory game.

In the following thext change the verbs in brackets in the right past simple form. Past continuous answers are already provided.

 James Ellis ____ (go) on a business trip last week. He ____ (be) (visit) some customers in Frankfurt. He ____ (leave) home early on Monday morning and ____ (take) a taxi to the airport. He ____(get) there at about 8 o'clock. He ____ (check in) and 
____ (go) to the airport lounge. He ____ (buy) a newspaper and ____ (go) to get a coffee. 

He was (be) drinking (drink) his coffee when he 
____ (see) an old friend, Bob. He ____ (be) very surprised that Bob ____ (be) in London and ____ (find out) that he was (be) starting (start) a new job in the city. As they were (be) speaking (speak) they____ (hear) an announcement. "Would all passengers for the 9.30 flight to Frankfurt please go to boarding gate 10". James ____ (say) goodbye to Bob and as they were (be) leaving (leave) Bob ____ (give) him his business card and ____ (ask) him to phone when he ____ (return) from Frankfurt.

After boarding  James
____(put) his briefcase in the overhead locker and ____ (sit) down. During the flight, James ____(do) some paper work and ____ (speak) to the woman sitting next to him, while they were (be) speaking (speak) the flight attendant ____ (bring) breakfast. When the plane ____(land) in London, it was almost 11 o'clock.
James ____(take) a train to his hotel. Then he ____ (walk) to the customer's office. He ____(get) there at 1.00 pm and ____ (go) to the reception desk. The receptionist ____ (ask) him to wait. Whilst he was (be) waiting (wait) she ____ (offer) him a drink. He and his customer ____ (talk) all afternoon. When Bob ____ (get) to his hotel at 7 o'clock that night, he ____(phone) his wife and then ____ (go) to the hotel restaurant. 

On the following pages you can revise the differences between the past tenses we are studying. However, to start with, you can have a look to this slide presentation to revise some basic concepts

1 .English Grammar Lessons
2. Past simple and past continuous, by lovinglondon (a completed lesson plan)
3. Ejércicio de inglés (Lesson plan with John Lennon's song Jealous Guy)
4. Aula Fácil (FitB)
5. Om personal (Make sentences)
6. Curso inglés for past simple and Curso inglés for past continuous.
7. Dave's ESL café (MC)
8. Ego4u (FitB)
9. Ro (Put the verbs in the correct form)
10. A4esl (Click and solve)
11. English Page (FitB)
12. 5minuteEnglish (C&S with grammar revision)
13. English Club (MC)
14. English Learner (Put the verbs in the correct form)
15. Learn English James Ellis's business trip.
16. Englisch hilfen (MC)
17. Clafoti (paradigm and image)

Listen what these people were doing, when the blackout ocurred.

And compare the following actions/states in the past.

Don't forget to study temporal linking words while, when and as when studying the differences between Past Simple and Past Continuous.

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martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha (Bangladesh)

With a very high density of river systems, large parts of Bangladesh remain submerged during five months of monsoon. Climate change has increased the flooding recent years – now Bangladesh has floods two times a year. Therefore, millions of people living in river basins lack basic facilities like electricity and telephone services because development has been concentrated around paved roads.

Rivers are vital to local farming
, but farming methods and agricultural runoff take their toll on the health of the rivers, and the rivers make it difficult to reach villagers with information and education, which has negatively impacted the health and livelihoods of fishermen cum farmers.

Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha
realized that the rivers do not have to be barriers to information, they can be communication channels. Shidhulai is working to improve quality of life in flood prone areas by taking services to the people by boats. Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha

After having watched the video we could answer to the following questions.
1. What is one of the main problems for Bangladeshi people?
2. On what is flooding having a serious impact?
3. What kind of school do children attend?
4. How many families are they expecting to serve with computer facilities?
5. How many hours of light can they have before recharging their lamps?

 Remember what the man who speaks at the end of the video says: "Today is the day".

You could always watch the awarded version of the video 

Remember Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha is a way to improve life of the waterside communities.

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lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Columbus Day

Lots of mysteries surround the explorer Christopher Columbus; one of them concerns with his birthplace. Porto Colom, in Mallorca, is one the towns that claims the fact of being the first one of hearing his child cries.

On Columbus Day, Americans observe the first arrival of the navigator on their coasts. Nevertheless, for many of them is just a long weekend in October (2nd Monday),occurring on the same day than Canadian Thanksgiving.

I propose some tasks to implement with your students: 

1st Task: watch the video and answer the following questions:

1.       Can you state when Columbus first depart  
   from Spain?
2. Can you name his three boats?
3.      Who was the first Greek wise man who thought
   we were living on a sphere?
4.     Who was the Spanish queen who supported  
5.     What was a hot commodity in the 15th
6.     Say the reason why Europe lost its most 
   popular route to the treasures of the east.

2nd Task: we will analyse the following sentence in class: Columbus returned to the Spanish court a hero. 

3rd Task: Ten things you should know about Columbus:

1. Columbus didn’t set out to prove the earth was round.
2. Columbus was likely not the first European to cross the Atlantic Ocean.
3. Three countries refused to back Columbus’ voyage.
4. Nina and Pinta were not the actual names of two of Columbus’ three ships.
5. The Santa Maria wrecked on Columbus’ historic voyage.
6. Columbus made four voyages to the New World.
7. Columbus returned to Spain in chains in 1500.
8. A lunar eclipse may have saved Columbus.
9. Even in death, Columbus continued to cross the Atlantic.
10. Heirs of Columbus and the Spanish monarchy were in litigation until 1790.

Find at least one of the answers to this "enigma" and post it as a comment. You should summarize it in just one line.

4th Task (1st cycle of ESO): write a rhyme. This would be an example:
In fourteen ninety-two,
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

5th Task: Game: What ten things would you take on a boat trip and what ten ones would you throw overboard?

Enjoy the long weekend on Columbus Day!

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domingo, 9 de octubre de 2011


We love food. Eating out is one of our favourite hobbies. Having a healthy style is part of our philosophy.
English  is full of proverbs related to food, for instance, "Too many cooks spoil the broth" "The pot calling the kettle black" "Teach one's grandmother to suck eggs" "You can't eat your cake and have it", etc.
My students are revising the importance of eating properly and talking about their preferences in eating. I wanted to present the USDA food pyramid.

With low level students you can always revise, what their favourite food is?, What do they eat for breakfast? Do they like fish?, etc.

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miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2011

Present simple versus present continuous

The following links will help you to revise the differences between present tenses:

1. Masión del inglés (fill in the blanks)(Learn the uses of although and though)
2. ELC Study Zone. (choose the right answer)(there are stative verbs)
3. Ego4u. (fill in the blanks with score)
4. Aula Fácil.(FitB)
5. Clafoti (FitB)
6. Eclectic English (choose the right ans)
7. Learn English (choose the correct answer)
8. University of Victoria (CthrA)
9. Auto English (FitB)
10. Basic English (Multiple Choice) +
11. a4esl (Check the answer)
12. Efl net (MC)
13. Using English (MC) +
14. Englisch hilfen (MC)

If you are a first cycle student you may want to revise the use of present continuous on this video:

If you are a second cycle student, you may prefer this video. It takes a little bit until the grammar explanation starts, however, it's a nice chance to walk virtually in London.

On this one you will also see how to express feelings with these tenses:

Teaching English by Fran | Present Simple
Teaching English by Fran | Present Perfect

lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

St Francis's prayer

As we are studying the animal world, my students are learning how to classify animals, how to describe them, what their habitats are, etc. I thought that it could be a great idea making them aware of the importance of protecting them and taking care of them and of course taking them to the vet at anytime they need it at La Ribera Veterinaris. As St. Francis was a person who called them "brothers and sisters", we are going to read his most important prayer.

The following song by Sarah Maclachlan could also be used on the School Day of Non-Violence and Peace on Jan 30th.

Be in communion with animals and the rest of the world by praying St. Francis's prayer

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domingo, 2 de octubre de 2011


You could do the following activities with Kylie and Taio’s Higher:
1. Spot and correct the mistakes.
Know I now how to get up  on the floor
Experienced in moves you can’t ignore
There’s something ‘bout this beat that’s got me hooked
Come over there and take a closer look
2. Insert the missing words.
‘Cause I can’t get ­­­____________, I can’t get _____________
I can’t stay on the ______________
I can’t get enough, I can’t get enough
This is taking me now
It’s taking me higher, higher
Higher _______ the ground
It’s taking me higher, higher
Higher _______ the ground
3. Put the verses in the right order.
This groove has got me way over the sun
I do this just for kicks, just for the thrill
I got this high without taking a pill
I’m dancing like I am the only one
The music’s got me going higher
I feel like I could touch the sky

Teaching English by Fran |I'm Yours
Teaching English by Fran |Without You