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domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2011

Guess who?/ ¿Quién es quién?

If you are an adult, have you ever played Guess who? when you were a child? It was great fun, wasn't it?
With my teens we revise physical descriptions with the characters of this popular game. Other suggestions could be, describing their ideal partner (writing that can be used for Valentine's Day, or finding a suspect of a crime.

So, have a close look at these characters below  and...
1. Find a bald man with dark hair who wears glasses.
2. Find an angry man with a moustache.
3. Spot a woman wearing a hat with flowers and describe her.
4. Choose the ugliest person on the board.
5. How many people are wearing hats?
6. Tell what hairstyle you would choose for yourself.
7. Who has her hair tied up in a pair of plaits?
8. There are a few men who have bushy eyebrows. Can you spot them?
9. Find a man with rosy cheeks.
10. Who is wearing earrings?

Enjoy playing Guess who?/¿Quién es quién?!

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3 comentarios:

  1. It's a girl. She has got brown and long hair and a beret. Her mouth is twisted. She has got a pig nose. Her eyes and eyebrows are brown. Who is it?

    By Aldana.

  2. Hello Fran.I'm Haize the nivel 3.
    María has got long,dark hair.
    She has got long face.
    She has got a green beret.
    She has got small mouth.
    She has got small nose.
    She has got very very big eyes.
    She has got very very big eyebrows.